Distractions on Your Path

If you choose to text all day long and be distracted with Facebook well you know what you’re gonna build a habit that’s gonna affect your productivity if you choose to say I’m not gonna be distracted by this technology you know and you make that choice you’re gonna be more productive and what is that going to do for you all right number two under making wise choices don’t choose at all and you made the choice to be the passive receiver of whatever comes your way I love this statement.¬†Everything about personal statements on¬†Edusson.

Sometimes we don’t want to choose we don’t want to make a choice but by not making a choice we’re making a choice we’re making a choice and so we become the receiver of whatever comes to us and I always tell the system’s when we teach what I’m talking to them about goal setting if you don’t set the goals for your life and what you want come the end of your life you may end up or you don’t necessarily want to be because you went where everyone else directed you you know whatever your parents thought you should do or someone else or your best friend because you didn’t want to choose a path for yourself.

You didn’t want to set what you want in your life Jasmine and I are very focused on this right now we’re doing many exciting things that are helping us and being better leaders with our business and being able to reach more assistants worldwide so just remember that’s key I would say if the best information I can give you out of this whole webinar today it’s that making wise choices and then I love the next one as well recognizing opportunities for growth I could actually spend a half hour talking to you about this one if you have the reaching stardom workbook this is going to be on pages 32 32 so please go back and read this piece this is key let’s fill in the blanks opportunities for growth might be more commonly known as obstacles barriers or roadblocks.

So what other people call obstacles barriers roadblocks when they’re working on their goals I call them opportunities for growth because every time I’ve hit an obstacle every time I’ve hit a barrier and I’ve hit many and 25 years of trying to you know reach out and train and develop administrative professionals and have them be taken seriously I’ve learned I really learned every single time and the one thing is if you you see it as a learning opportunity you are going to reach out to people you would not normally talk to if you view your obstacle is a learning opportunity you’re gonna realize you don’t know everything you think you knew and you’re gonna want to be schooled and educated and you’re gonna want to learn and you’re gonna make you know maybe better choices in the future because you’re learning that that didn’t work out.