Checklist For Writing

In class we do two types of writing some sometimes we do writing where we’re just learning in class and that’s it it’s timed or we do extended writing whether I have them take it home well usually I have them plan take it home think about it give it to me then give it back and we write multiple times right also to their forms of feedback right you talked about it earlier a lot of times if you look at the pre webinar content that I left you I gave you some of the checklists that I use with my students and these checklists can do with content or they can do with language hey so by contact what I mean is what’s inside what’s inside the essay and the checklist for me it is a kind of contract that I use with students so I say okay here’s a checklist look at your essay go through the checklist check yes or no whether you think that’s there so when it’s time for you to sit down and two.

Look at what’s there then you say okay well this person said it was there but it’s not fair right and the first couple times we do that the students start to see you know what I really do have to make sure that my thesis statement is there I really do have to make sure that the climax is there right because the teacher is going to be looking at that right you can’t lie about it all right there’s different kinds of feedback teacher vs student Billy like I said before with the student feedback I try to give them one question nothing too hard just to get them talking about the essay and I just want to emphasize too and I emphasize this to the students to make sure that they understand it their place is that correcting languaging class right there place is not correcting the language of the essay the language um that’s up to the teaching right that’s up to the teacher trying to help the student forward with the language in a way that lets the student try to solve their own problems.

So we’re going to look at that just a second and also do what I’m giving feedback to students I try to do it in two ways shine and refine so what does this mean shine like the sun is shining right and were five this is what do you need to fix and what do you need to change so I try to make sure that i put both there no matter what the essay looks like right if you want to give them something that you’re proud of and you want to give them some feedback out what they need to fix alright so usually you know when I give them ready to go home I like to give them more than one drive give them one on one chance so you’re on thing si means to be able to know that I could write it again.